mcmillan a3

  1. G

    McMillan A3 sporter

    Used McMillan A3 Sporter, edge fill, long action, pillars, studs and atlas rail. Came off a McWhorter with a Stiller action and #5 barrel. Has small chip on forehand as shown. The recoil pad has been sitting on the carpet in the safe and takes on a “melted” look, also shown in pics. Other than...
  2. ncfireman83

    SOLD/EXPIRED McMillan A3-5 Remington 700 Inlet

    Up for sale is my McMillan A3-5. Stock has been a great one just going a different direction for my 300 WSM. It’s Desert Tan Transition, has QD cups left side and 1 on the bottom with another in the pic rail up front. Plenty of carrying options! It’s inletted for a Remington 700 short action and...
  3. btap1991

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners/ Mesa/ McMillan

    Looking for eh1 or similar style McMillan game warden Mesa altitude Ag composites alpine Cut for defiance deviant hunter LA M5 DBM Looking if anyone has one to sell before I order
  4. Blaster01

    McMillan adjustable A3 LA

    Selling for a buddy. McMillan adjustable A3. Inlet for LA rem 700 or clone. Bdl bottom metal. Bartlein 3b barrel channel. Has been bedded already. Also has flush cups and atlas rail. 750 shipped.