1. J

    WTT #s matching, non-sporterized 1942 German Mauser for hunting rifle

    Hello, I am gauging interest in a potential trade option. I have a trip scheduled next year for Alaska and would like a new rifle but don't quite have the budget for what I'm looking for. Not sure on value here but figured I'd cast a line to see if there are any bites. I have: 1942 DOU stamped...
  2. Aloeus

    Alpine Supreme Mauser build

    Hi All, I have a commercial Mauser action based rifle that I'd like to make into something. Its got a broken stock (how I got it) but I'd also like to get it rebarreled to something with better reach (it is currently chambered in 308.) I am envisioning something of a range gun that is still...
  3. D

    Mauser 7 X 64

    I have an Oberndorf Sporting Rifle that I am trying to identify. I believe it was purchased in Germany in the late 40s. I appreciate any help you could offer.
  4. TriggerTime426

    Mauser m18 300wm, anyone handloading?

    I bought a mauser m18 in 300wm 24.5 in barrel last year and have been trying to find a good long range hand load for it, I tried some hornady 208elds with some luck but nothing I was super impressed with. I checked free bore and as long as I can load them in the mag I'm .2 from the lands, I...
  5. ducky

    SOLD/EXPIRED Semi Custom Mauser 98 .25-06 Remington

    This was the first custom rifle I had built by High Tech Custom Rifles Inc. in Colorado Springs. I had a lot of issues getting the Smith to finish the rifle, and it kind of left me disappointed in it. I've shot this very little and there is less than 100 rounds down the barrel, most of if...
  6. E

    30-338 win mag

    I inherited a rifle from my grandfather a couple of weeks ago, before his death he didn't tell anyone what the rifle cambered and no ammo came with it. So I brought it to my local gunsmith to have him look over the rifle and to have the chamber cast because there are no barrel marking for...
  7. L

    A few general LR questions - 7mm Mauser

    Brand new here guys (made the account to ask these questions) so go easy on me. A little background first: I've only been shooting/hunting for nine years. After I killed my first deer with a rifled slug from my shotgun (nine years ago) my father in law gave me a bolt action rifle (he's not a fan...
  8. westcliffe01

    SavageLA Shilen Select match 8x57 Rifle $750

    I built this custom 8mm Mauser after having bad luck with surplus rifles and a Remington Classic. It started as a model 110 long action and I removed the original barrel, barrel nut and recoil lug. I then bought a Shilen select match barrel chambered in 8x57 with a 1:10 twist. I have always...
  9. BigBuck74

    SOLD/EXPIRED Steyr Luxus .300 win mag Unfired in original box! +30yrs old

    I am reducing my collection, I have this remarkable piece, it is a Steyr Luxus Grade .300 win mag, with the original box and this one is over 30yrs old. These guns are known for their accuracy, and has a set trigger by pushing the trigger forward that make the pull less than 1 lb. To those of...
  10. F

    SOLD/EXPIRED sako 3006

    WTS Sako 3006. This was called the sako hi power and was built in the 1950s using a fn98 action. Bluing is near excellent. Stock shows some use with some scattered handling marks, checkering is worn from handling. Overall a very nice and serviceable hunting rifle. Not a collector piece but a...