1. E

    Armageddon Gear Waxed Canvas OG Gamechanger Bag

    Armageddon Gear Waxed Canvas OG Gamechanger Bag. Black. Had it for 2 years. Used in a few matches but in good shape. No rips or tears anywhere. $90 shipped.
  2. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED Unopened Hornady Match Grade dies - 6mm Creedmoor

    Selling an unopened Hornady Match Grade die set for a 6mm Creedmoor $70 TYD
  3. Bjt308

    Ar-15 geiselle hi speed national match trigger

    Ar-15 geiselle hi speed national match trigger. Used. Good condition and a great trigger. Asking $250.00 shipped
  4. W

    Elrso - extreme long range shooting organization

    Great news for all of us ELR shooters. It looks like there will be even more ELR events on the calendar this year.
  5. D

    Black Hole Weaponry 18 inch AR (5.56) Barrel

    18 inch Stainless barrel by BHW. Rifle gas, 1/8 twist, "HD" contour which is their Heat dissipator... meaning bull barrel on either end contoured down to a skinny profile in the middle. 215$ shipped mainland USA Never fired, never mounted, never mocked onto an upper receiver. Decided...
  6. josh perkins

    Krieger Match Grade AR-10/.308 Barrel

    I have a Krieger Match Grade barrel chambered in .308 for sale. Bolt is matched to barrel for proper headspacing, fluted, 1:10 twist, 20” in length, Ross Schuler custom muzzle brake machined and turned down when barrel was made, (you cannot even see where the barrel and muzzle brake meet, very...
  7. Y

    7mm Bullets

    600 150 grain HPBT Match 70 168 grain HPBT Match 200 170 grain Round Nose soft point $90 shipped to lower 48 states Also posted locally on armslist in MN.