manners stocks for sale

  1. John-Pure Precision

    Manners PH, LRH and T4A's READY TO SHIP

    CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE MANNERS PH, LRH, T4A We are happy to offer some hard to find Manners PH, LRH and T4A's ready to ship. Follow the link and get some coming.
  2. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners MCS-T RH SA - Rem 700 Elite CF

    I have a RH SA for Rem 700 footprint actions for sale. Has the following specs. -REM 700 footprint RH -Elite CF fill -GAP Camo -Proof Sendero Lite Contour -Bedded by TS Customs -Hawkins BDM included (M5 inlet) -Hawkins proprietary pic rail front action screw mount -2 flush cups left side -3...