1. B

    Reloading die lot CHEAP

    For sale is dies that I need to sell to free up space. I'm sure someone can use these as I just want the space in my reloading room back. I will not break this lot up. It is what it is. First, is I have 2 RCBS 30-30 Win sizing dies complete. No bullet seater die. Next is a lyman die set in 7x65R...
  2. RHallenbeck

    SOLD/EXPIRED Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 Target w/Lyman scope

    Dated 1949 Winchester target marked 30 Govt 06. Original blueing and target stock finish. Smooth action and has the original red field target sights as well. fitted with Lyman 12X scope in perfect shape..Rifle is NOT marked US property anywhere but the serial number does fall in the range of one...
  3. A

    Bullet Molds Lee and Couple of Lyman

    Have several molds, they been used, all in good shape. $30 per plus shipping. Zelle, PP F&F Othe pictures on request. Will have others to post soon, got die sets and brass cleaning out the reloading cabinet. Lee Molds .277 125 Gr 90359 .430 240 Gr 90299 .429 255 Gr 429-255SWC...
  4. B

    Lyman gen 6 electronic powder dispenser and scale

    For sale is a nice used Lyman gen 6 electronic powder dispenser and scale. Packaged as it came new. The bench got Sartorius scale upgrades so this is up for grabs. They sell new for about $260 or more before tax and shipping. I will let this one go for $200 shipped. First I will take followed by...
  5. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Lyman case trim express

    For sale is a barely used Lyman case trim express. I only trimmed some 204 ruger and 17 rem on the unit. Most of the bushings have not been touched. I took the plunge and bought a Henderson so I am making bench space. $100 shipped. I live in Maricopa AZ so $90 if you pick up from me. I accept...
  6. S

    WTS Lyman Turret Press All American (Lights/Cover & Free Ultra Mount!), 6.5CM Dies

    Looking to sell a used Lyman All American 8 Turret Press. I have the plastic primer tray and primer loader, its just not on the turret but it will come with it. I sanded and painted the handle as it had a small amount of rust on it. I bought a custom light kit and zip tied it to the press and it...
  7. B

    Various reloading dies

    See below for pricing and details. Listing is cross-posted. All dies are used unless otherwise stated. They are all in great usable shape, but may need cleaned. All Lee, Lyman, and Pacific dies are $20. All standard RCBS, Redding, and Hornady dies are $25 unless otherwise noted as some are brand...
  8. A

    Have an issue the lyman re-sizeing/de-capping die.

    I just got brand new lyman die set for my 6.5 creedmoor and I adjust my de-capping/re-sizing die and it gets so hard to press down its insane, i can even get the primer out, its hornady brass from precision hunter ammo, ive de-capped lots of brass but am i missing something i never had this happen?
  9. B

    Win m70 Pre-'64

    Hello, I have a Winchester Model 70 pre-'64 Hunter Grade, with a 26" nickel-steel barrel in .220 Swift. The rifle has a Lyman Super Target Spot on it. Excellent condition except for some scratches on the stock. Does anyone know any specs or about how much it is worth? Thanks.:)