long action

  1. L

    RH XLR Evolution LA for sale

    New LA XLR Evolution chassis for sale. Remington 700 FP. Had an action in it that was never fired. Sat in my safe its whole life. $525 shipped.
  2. Runnin N Gunnin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners EH1 Rem 700 LA with Badger M5 DBM and mags

    Manners EH1 for a Remington 700 long action, m5 inlet, proof sendero contour in GAP camo. Two sling studs in front, one in the rear. Flush cups on the front left and rear left side. Badger M5 bottom metal cerakoted with two 5 round AI mags. $1100 obo shipped as a package. Will sell the stock and...
  3. A

    MDT ESS Chassis- Long Action

    MDT ESS Chassis for a Remington Long Action (LA) footprint Includes ARCA rail attachment and rear chassis weight Loved this chassis, just don't have many long-action rifles. Moved this one to a stock. New prices- Chassis- 1199 Weight- 60 ARCA- 55 Asking- $840 shipped CONUS Local pickup is...
  4. trout004

    Defiance anTi / Tenacity 20 MOA Black Aluminum Scope Rail / Rem 700 Long Action Length

    I pulled this from a new Defiance anTi and it was never used. Comes with the 8/40 screws and pins. Here is a link from Defiance if you need more info: https://defiancemachine.com/product/anti-tenacity-20-moa-black-anodized-7075-aluminum-scope-rail/ Price reduced $70 shipped to your door...
  5. trout004

    Hawkins Precision Hyrbid Rings for Defiance - LA 30mm 0.60" height

    Selling a like new-set of rings. These were mounted briefly, but I decided to switch to a 34mm scope, so I won't be needing them anymore. I had a Vortex Razor LHT 4.5-22x50 mounted on my Defiance Anti LA. The height was perfect for me with about 1/4" between the bell and the proof sendero...
  6. BornLifted

    SOLD/EXPIRED *** SP$ Price Cut***Zermatt Origin Long Action

    Good afternoon, I have a brand new unfired zermatt origin RD3 long action. It has been screwed down into a chassis, a barrel spun on, and a trigger tech special has been installed. Very nice way to step into a custom rifle build without the wait for ordering one from factory. Looking to sell...
  7. jwolff

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Sendero Stock

    This HS Precision stock came off of a 2016 Sendero long action. It is a right handed stock, and the rifle it came off was a 300 wm. Light wear as seen in the photos. I pulled the action for a new build, and no longer need the stock! The action was previously bedded to this stock. 125$ TYD...
  8. Buska

    SOLD/EXPIRED Pierce Ti Long action mag w/Talley 30mm rings

    It’s a beauty just got way too much going on right now to use it for a build and have to let it go 🥲 I got a good deal on it so I’m just trying to het out of it what I paid. Call or text if you have questions, thanks in advance! Shipping included. $1300. Pierce lightened recoil lug included...
  9. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 win mag Manners stock

  10. High Country

    SOLD/EXPIRED delete

  11. CasperTheMedic

    Changes to my shooting over time & with load development

    Let's see what you have done with respect to decreasing group size over time and with load development. I've had NO official long range training and have simply followed more experienced shooters advice as to how they develop loads, shooting positions, equipment etc. I REALLY want to take the...
  12. W

    Chassis rifle builds vs high end production rifles for backpack LRH and south paws.

    I am a new member and I am very excited to interact with this community. After two years of trying, I convinced my wife it's time for a new rifle. She signed my permission slip on Monday, and I'm ready to go! As a disclaimer, I'm set on a 300wm - I have everything I need to reload 300wm, I'm...
  13. 82bluestang

    SOLD/EXPIRED Mpa chassis m700 la folder fs 800$

    I have a tungsten grey mpa ba chassis folding stock with all the original pieces and parts. 2-10rd 300 win mag magazines. It also comes with the mono pod. Nv rail from the factory and the inserts to run bigger magazines. Barreled action, bipod, and scope are not part of the sale. It will ship in...
  14. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Iota Kremlin Stock

    iota Kremlin stock for sale. Limbsaver recoil pad. In great condition. Molded in color. Inletted for Remington 700 Long action/clones and hinged floor plate bottom metal. Currently has full length bedding from a Stiller predator action. My other Rem 700 clones have fit in this current bed job...
  15. BoatTail

    McMillan Remington Hunter Edge Stock For Sale

    New, in the box McMillan Remington Hunter black rifle stock with palm swell and Enhanced Edge fill for heavy magnum. Machined-In Pillars, RH, Long action Rem 700 BDL, full inlet for Remington 700 Long Action and Proof Research Sendero barrel channel, 1.200" dia, w/ 2" cyl, HUNT-FULL INLET, 1"...
  16. Mc Fraser

    6.5 PRC built on Tikka action

    Hello LRH members, I want to build a 6.5 PRC based on a Tikka action and reload for it. I am using the Hornady reloading book for reference. After I used google quite a bit and a phone call to Hornady I have a few questions: 1. According to Hornady, a suitable donor action will be a WSM (270...
  17. ellison3dpro

    SOLD/EXPIRED 700 stocks

    1) 700 la bdl stockys long range composite sporter or varmint barrel channel. Full length aluminum bedding block. Strata camo, this stock is brand new, bought it for a build and the build has gone another direction. 215 shipped 2) 700 sa adl bell and Carlson lvsf take off. 27oz no signs of use...
  18. ellison3dpro

    B&C M40 700 la bdl 200

    I have a bell and Carlson m40 take off stock. Taken off a Remington 700 long range. Hardly used, looks like new. 700 long action bdl. Asking 180 shipped. Items i will work trades for 700 trigger 700 LA bdl bottom metal, or magpul
  19. BrentM

    Savage hogue LA full bed stock

    $165.00 Great condition. I’ve never used it.
  20. tr175

    Rem 700 LA Sporter Stock

    I am looking for a Remington 700 LA sporter style stock. Bonus if it has been opened up for a straight contour carbon barrel. What you guys got laying around in the closet?