1. L

    Left Hand Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight 257WBY, Zeiss, Ammo

    Really nice .257 Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight with 4.5-14x44 Zeiss Conquest glass and about 200 rounds of factory Weatherby ammo package. Gun shoots extremely well. Used on one hunt years ago, been sitting in the safe since. Time to go. The Mark V Ultra Lightweight gives you everything...
  2. warrbuk

    Manners EH1 Lefty L/A Swamp

    Brand new, never got around to this one Manners EH-1 Left Hand Elite Camo - Swamp Matte Terminus Kratos L/A Hawkins BDL trigger guard inlet Bartlein Carbon #13 inlet 1" Pachmayr decelerator 2 sling studs btm front, 1 btm rear 700.00 TYD Lower 48 IMPORTANT The stock is cross posted. First...
  3. M

    WTB : left hand short action/used wsm tikka rifle

    Looking for a used left hand wsm tikka rifle or left hand short action. PM me if you might have something, thanks.