1. jh2785

    SOLD/EXPIRED Larue Tactical Costa Edition rifle

  2. S

    “Mock12” AR build

    I know AR’s aren’t a huge seller on this forum but figured I might as well post it here as well. Built this rifle because I was infatuated with the Mk12 mod 1 but I'm not a cloner nor do I care about being "clone correct" and just wanted to smoke some coyotes with it but it just sits and never...
  3. 33nos

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington S/A 20 MOA base- Larue and Talley

    Larue Rem 700 S/A 20 MOA base-New $92 new, selling for $60 shipped Talley Rem 700 S/A 20 MOA base with bubble level- New $85 new, selling for $60 shipped
  4. G

    SOLD/EXPIRED Trijicon 3-9x40 Accupower w/LT104 QD Mount

    Purchased this combo directly from Larue Tactical a couple of weeks ago and decided to go with larger magnification. It is mounted in the Larue mount. I did install a battery, so there is a very slight mark on the battery cap from unscrewing it. It was installed on rifle once, taken off and...
  5. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED Larue OBR Complete Bolt Assembly (Brand new, unused)

    For sale is a brand-new/unused complete bolt assembly for the Larue OBR. Includes complete bolt assembly, including firing pin retaining pin and cam pin. Has zero rounds on it, and has never even been installed in a firearm. Will include firing pin for $20 additional ($220 total). Condition...