1. Kepper

    SOLD/EXPIRED LabRadar Chronograph

    LabRadar Chronograph with Soft Case & Power Pack $275 paid via Venmo or Zelle Includes Shipping & Insurance via USPS Bought new in 2021 or 2022. Single owner. Seldom used. Worked great last time I used it. (May 12th, 2024) Labradar headquarters in Wichita, KS told me the mfg. date is somewhere...
  2. H

    Lab Radar - Failure to arm w/ resolution

    Recently, my Lab Radar would not arm. Every time I would try to arm, it would reset the system. I tried several different things to no avail. My setup was using the internal memory(no SD card), an external battery pack with a cable for power, and using the internal trigger. When I called Lab...