1. Adipose

    SOLD/EXPIRED JGS Finish Reamer 30 Nosler

    Just received this reamer and Go Gauge I ordered from JGS Precision. I ended up going a different direction on the build I had this reamer planned for. The freebore is .1980 which was based off a 215gr Berger seated at the Neck/Shoulder junction. $395 Shipped/OBO for both Reamer and Go...
  2. Tac284

    SOLD/EXPIRED JGS reamer holder - trades added

    1. JGS floating reamer holder, 2” with #3 MT. I purchased this used at the beginning of the year but never used it myself. I’m happy with my method of chambering so this isn’t going to get used. $200 shipped Trades + difference on my end 1. Hawk Hill (preferred) 6.5 or 7mm, # 3/3b/4 contours...