1. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED Jewell HVRTSBR-A Trigger (RH)

    Selling a right handed Jewell HVRTSBR-A Trigger (top safety). It was on my 6.5PRC for 400 rounds, just sold the rifle. The bolt release has been removed, but will be included, as it was not needed on my rifle. Also includes the 2 addl springs. Price is $150 TYD via PayPal f&f, or + fees.
  2. 3

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB-- Jewell for Rem 700

    I was wondering if anyone knows where a guy can get ahold of a Jewell trigger for a Remington 700? I'm looking for the non-benchrest version as it is for my coyote gun and need to be able to tune it to about 1# to be safe. I've been waiting on Midway and a couple others, but they seem to stay...