impact 737

  1. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED Foundation Centurion/SA/Black

    Sold: Please delete
  2. S

    Custom Pre Fit Barrel SALE extended

    Just a quick update...Straight Jacket Armory has EXTENDED the $50 discount and FREE shipping on all custom pre fit barrels and barreled actions through 4/18! Whether your action is made by Accuracy International, Curtis, Seekins, Kelby, Impact, Big Horn, Lone Peak, Terminus etc if you need to...
  3. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Benchmark Prefit barrels intro pricing

    we are pleased to announce that we are now using Benchmark barrel blanks for our stainless pre fit barrels. We offer a Long list of chambers, and actions that we offer. Please click the link below! Use PROMO CODE “LRH5” at checkout to save 5% and get free shipping...
  4. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    IMPACT 737 Barreled Actions

    only 2 available. (We ended up with 2 more on the books we would like gone before the end of the year) Right hand Only, combinations available listed in link below. Only 1899.00!