1. trout004

    Seekins .87" 30mm and Hawkins Rings for Defianace Long Action 30mm.

    For Sale: Almost new with no discernable signs of use that I can see except for a little blue Loctite residue can be seen on the screw threads. These are nice rings both sets are almost new. They were barely used with some minimal range time before I switched some scope setups. *Hawkins...
  2. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 6mm 108 gr Elite Hunter

    I have 139 Berger 6mm 108 gr Elite Hunter (one unopened box, and one with 39). $80 plus shipping
  3. JKPhoto

    Berger .30 Caliber L.R. Hybrid Target 220 grain

    Looking to purchase or trade for Berger 220gr LRHT .308" The more the better!! :)
  4. Petey308

    Berger Hybrid vs Berger VLD

    So I finally got to dissecting a Berger Hybrid not too long ago. What I found confirms my long suspicion as well as others I've talked to about them and their performance. There's an enormous cavity below the open tip and before the core. Not all OTM style bullets are like this, at least not to...
  5. Blaster01

    105 hybrid or 109 lrht

    Anybody have either of these Berger bullets they aren’t using? I’d buy a lot of them
  6. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT ELD-M for Berger Hybrid (7mm 180gr)

    Wanting to trade 500 Hornady ELD-m for 300 Berger Hybrid, 7mm 180gr. I cannot get the ELDMs to shoot accurately out of my 7-300. I would also sell the ELDM’s for what I paid - $175 TYD.
  7. T

    Berger bullets! 7mm 6mm 25 cal

    Sold sold sold everything’s gone 900- 7mm target hybrid 180 grain $385 300- 7mm hunting 180 grain sold 100- 7mm hunting 180 grain sold 100-7mm hunting 180 grain open box $40 100- 7mm 168 classic hunters $45 300- 25 cal hunting 115 grain SPF 400- 6mm hunting 105 grain $130 All new...
  8. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 6.5 140 VLD Hunting

    4-100 bullet boxes of the same lot and 4-100 bullet boxes of another lot plus 46 of a partial box. Total bullets are 846. Price is $55 per 100 bullet box shipped. Would be willing to trade for 140gr hybrids.