1. levers4life

    Tiny Home 10X20 Full Bath / Kitchen / Loft / AC

    Custom Tiny Home - Move In Ready! 10ft X 20ft with full length loft. Full kitchen & bath. 50amp electric service, generator hookup, 2.25 GPM tankless water heater, stainless sink, 2 burner cook top, Magic Chef refrigerator, shower, emaciating toilet, 110V air conditioner, bathroom vent fan...
  2. L

    Do letters matter?

    I live in Colorado.......which has gun legislation pending. I frequently mail my U.S. reps/senate folks and bitch about gun stuff. I try to sound logical and as respectful as possible even though I just want to scream at them. I have always tried to avoid local reps/senate just hoping they were...