hog hunting

  1. Tiger260


    ACOG TA-47 with Larue QD mount. Bought it to shoot hogs in Texas on the fly, but it just sits in the case while the big scope rides on the gun full time. New ranch has very little hogs at all! Amber triangle reticle is good for “red dot” type shooting or precision out to 200+ yds, can go...
  2. Texas Speed Bump

    Hog Barrels

    I wanted to share something we do at our hunting lease in Central Texas. We have a lot of hogs here in Texas and they're a lot of fun to hunt. One of the challenges is that while they come through our hunting areas daily, they're very unpredictable as to the time. When they come through, they...
  3. Tiger260

    ACOG TA47-2, Larue LT105

    ACOG TA47-2 w/Larue LT105 DOS-MINI QD mount. TA47-2 is 2x20, amber triangle. Light is strong in the dark. Larue mount is solid as it gets, holds zero moving on/off. Scope can be mounted on an A2 handle without the Larue. Comes with killflash, lense flip cover, soft cover, all mounting...
  4. Tatsnscoots

    Alternative to Hornady Black 6.5 Grendel

    My friends rifle (6.5 Grendel AR) will not shoot Hornady Black ammo with any consistency. I had the same problem with mine. I’ve been handloading 100 grain Nosler Ballistic tips over 8208 XBR with good success. He wants me to work up a load for his rifle (18” Satern 1-8 barrel) but I am...
  5. RSRW

    Best round for deer & hog hunting

    Hi folks, I’m posting this here because I did not know where else to. I’m am about to buy a new rifle for deer and hog hunting. Was thinking .308, but I wanted to get some input if you all thought there was a better caliber for these types of hunts. Thank you in advance for any information.