hellfire brake

  1. Runnin N Gunnin

    Area 419 hellfire 6mm brake

    Been on the lookout on here and sniperhide with no luck. Before I order one, is anyone selling an Area 419 hellfire 6mm 5/8-24 brake? I’d prefer 2 port, but 3 port could work. I have the thread adapter already so I’ll take a brake or adapter and brake combo. Thanks
  2. charliehorse27

    SOLD/EXPIRED Area419 Hellfire 30 cal brake + extras

    I have for sale a lightly used Area419 Hellfire 30 cal muzzle brake with two adapters, both 1/2x28 and 5/8x24, and two adapter caps. Willing to split off parts, but only after the muzzle brake itself is sold with the adapter of the buyer's choice. Prices are as follows, and include shipping...
  3. Citified

    Recoil solution

    Good day everyone: This is my first post ever although I have Beene eating posts on this site for a couple of yearrs. I have been shooting and hunting since I was a kid and also reloading. I have many firearms but this post is for advice. Some years ago I purchased a 700 Remington Moutain SS...
  4. Canhunter35

    Experience with area 419 muzzle brakes

    Anyone have any experience with the area 419 muzzle brakes, particularly the sidewinder?