1. ovastafford

    SOLD/EXPIRED Updated/Reduced Custom Hart Build Rem 700 300 RUM

    SOLD. Custom Remington 700 300 Rem Ultra Mag put together by Hart Barrels. Rem 700 Action Jewell Trigger HS Precision Camo Adjustable Stock Wyatts Detachable Magazine Bottom Metal 2-5 round mags and one 8 round. Hart 27" 1-10 Twist MedHvy Barrel Badger Ordnance Muzzle Brake Badger Ordnance 20...
  2. B

    Tactical, Tactical and more Tactical Guns!

    Here are some Tacticals for your viewing pleasure. As before, if you need specs or would like more info, please contact me! Terminator Long Range Tactical Eradicator Long Range Tactical Verminator Extreme Long Range Tactical Coyote Crusher Long Range Tactical 2000YD 338 Extreme...
  3. B

    Guns, Guns, and More Guns!

    Here are some gun photos for your viewing! For more information or specifications, give me a shout! Enjoy!

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