handgun hunting

  1. sniperVLS

    Burris 2-7x32mm Handgun scope 1" tube w/PosiLock

    *Price lowered to $275 I tried this on my Raging Hunter .454 casull, and while it worked great, I realized that while doing more woods hunting, the sig romeo 5 red dot was much more practical. So selling this at a good price. It comes with the Burris No questions asked "Forever Warranty", so...
  2. S

    T/C Contender -or- G2 44 Mag Super 14 barrel.

    I have an older T/C Contender Super 14 stainless barrel chambered in .44 Remington Mag for sale. This barrel is already to drop into your Contender or G2 frame and head to the range to be sighted in. The following is what this listing will come with; T/C Super 14 barrel – barrel was cut to...