hammer hunter

  1. CanisLupus

    SOLD/EXPIRED *Price Reduced* Hammer .284/177gr + bonus 169gr sample pack

    $65 shipped; PayPal F&F or Venmo preferred. Open to other payment options if needed. Hammer Hunter 177 gr: 50-ct, box opened but bullets unaltered. Plus, bonus Hammer Hunter 169 gr 15-ct sample pack.
  2. Adipose

    104 gr Heavy Hammer Hunter

    Can’t find hardly any info on this bullet. Has anyone tried these in a 257 WBY or any 25cal for that matter. Care to share experience and load? Much appreciated.
  3. Mc Fraser

    7 SAUM

    My next build will be a 7 SAUM around the 143g Hammer Hunter bullet. If you are shooting a 7 SAUM with a 21-22in barrel please share your velocity, powder and bullet weight.
  4. staghunter

    300WM Ladder Help 180HH

    So I found some RL26. Wiped up a batch using 180HH’s. Peterson brass Wilson mandrel, Fed 215’s and a very light Lee crimp to finish it off. Savage 116 SS fluted 22” barrel. Here’s my shots and info. Opinions on why my velocity fell off. Node 78.5 - 78.8 but that’s pretty low. I will probably add...
  5. 264MHC

    Hammer Hunter vs Absolute Hammer Velocities

    I just got approved and put together a Form 1 6.5 Grendel SBR with a 12.7” 8 twist McGowan barrel. I have a pretty good stockpile of 123 ELDM’s that have shot very well in each of my other 3 6.5 Grendel barrels, and will likely use them for general shooting and Messing around with steel out to...
  6. Mc Fraser

    300 PRC 214 Hammer Hunter

    Hello, My 300 PRC is almost ready. I want to try 214gr Hammer Hunter with N570, H1000 and IMR 7828SSC. I want to get a starting point, first do a velocity/pressure test then start load development following the Berger book. Does anyone have a load that could share? Please share barrel twist and...
  7. P

    25-06 fast twist results

    Finally got the 26 inch 1:8 twist 25-06 back from the smith. I got out to break it in and test some reloads today. I used the new Enduron imr 8133 with powder magnum primers. The bullets are 121 hammer hunters unless cutting edge is listed the cutting edge are the 115 grain cutting edge MTH. I...
  8. D

    Tikka T3 vs T3X in 338 Win Mag

    My first world problem: Tikka T3 lite blued 338 Win Mag or Tikka T3X lite blued 338 Win Mag Can anyone explain to me the differences in the ejection ports. I'm wondering if the new T3X has any real advantage in this area, regarding COAL. Is magazine length still going to be...