1. Desert Demon

    WTS Phoenix area Only H414, W760, Ramshot Hunter 1Lbers

    Phoenix Area Only — as I don’t have a HAZMAT to ship. im looking to simplify my reloading needs. I’ve decided not to use these powders as I’ve found other suitable for my calibers. These are all unopened and purchased with last 6 months. I’m not looking to gouge anyone with GunJoker prices, but...
  2. David Martin

    Working load for 25-06 with 117 SP & H414

    I worked up a good accurate load with H414/W760 and 117gr jsp for 25-06. Seems that 42gr is a little light but 43.1-43.4 H414 with a OAL of 3.155 all were all in the 1" +/- range.Clean burn with a Winchester LR primer, and brass shows no signs pressure or sutting. Test rifle was a Remington 700...