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    Leupold Gold Ring HD 12-40

    Looking to sell my Leupold spotter. Trying to get into a swaro angled spotter and want to use these proceeds towards that. Im the second owner. My understanding was the first owner never took it outside. I’ve fielded it a couple times and by fielded I mean I used it on the tripod outside right...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold Gold Ring 12-40 spotting scope

    Looking to sell my spotter. Nothing wrong with it, just got a brand new HD model in a trade and I don't need 2. In great shape, I have the black fabric cover for it just took it off for the pics to show the condition of the scope itself. - Bottom mounting threads are great not cross threaded or...
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    Leupold 15x30x50 Gold Ring Spotter

    SOLD Thanks for looking This is my Leupold 15x30x50mm Leupold gold ring spotting scope, it is in excellent condition and if you have not looked through one you should check one out. It has the soft case with it also. Looking for 350.oo shipped. Thanks For Looking!
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    Kenai2 HD 25-60X80mm VS GR HD 12-40x60mm

    Kenai2 HD 25-60X80mm VS GR HD 12-40x60mm Looking for your experience with one, or preferably both of these scopes to decide if the reduced obj and zoom on the GR is worth it. I have a great opportunity to get one of these Leupolds at a price that puts me into the High-Quality spotters...