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    Vortex Razor HD Gen 1 5-20x56 illuminated EBR2B $1,200

    For sale is a used Razor that comes with rings, scope caps, scope level & box. Illuminated EBR2B reticle and 5mil turrets. It has been mounted on a .223 and has been shot on this rifle less than 100 times. Scope does have a couple of scratches and some signs of wear. Scope is priced to sale at...
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    Swarovski Z6 3-18x50 BT HD Plex Black $1,550

    For sale is a used Swarovski Z6 BT 3-18x50 scope. Priced to sale at $1,550 It has been lightly used on a 6.5x284 hunting rifle and shows faint ring marks and has a blemish on the top of the scope near objective. Glass and functionality is flawless. Comes with original box. I live in College...
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    Clearest Glass---POLL---

    I just wanted to get some input from everybody on who (In their opinion) makes the clearest glass in the line of rifle scopes. I tried to include most of the top manufacturers in the poll, so forgive me if I forgot any. Note: I am talking about any model that is made by the company, any price.