gap 4s

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    6.5 saum/gap bushing die set

    Anybody have a 6.5 saum/gap die set they’d sell? Preferably the Redding bushing set with the competition seater? Figured I’d ask before I placed an order online
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    NEW, 6.5 SAUM, LonePeak, Brux, Hawkins, Barreled Action

    For sale New 6.5 Saum/GAP 4S Barreled action. Lone Peak Razor Action, Brux #4 1:8 twist 24 inch straight fluted barrel, Hawkins side port muzzle break, Black Cerakote. All work done by SS Rifles Colorado. .120 HS. I ordered this barreled action in February and during the long wait I ended up...