1. A

    300 wm custom freebore velocities

    For those who have 300 mag Chambers with increased freebore what kind of velocities are you seeing? I think I've decided on a custom 300 wm barrel over a nosler or RUM and I'm curious how much I'll be leaving on the table.
  2. BoatTail

    Calculating Free Bore on 6.5 WSM?

    I need help figuring out how to calculate Freebore (FB) for a 6.5 WSM custom chamber reamer for a new rifle build I want to do. Over the last few years I have had a number of custom chamber reamers made for various builds. In each case I either had a SAAMI reference chamber and drawing I could...
  3. Greg Page

    Weatherby 257: How important is seating depth with all that freebore?

    I've got my Vanguard First Lite 257 bee shooting .8s with the Nosler 100s and the Speer 120s at the manufacturer's suggested OAL. It's a pencil barrel, but I think I can tighten this up. I'm curious to hear from more experienced Weatherby loaders if seating depth is a significant factor in the...
  4. A

    Freebore for 162 ELD-X in 284 Winchester

    I’m getting ready to order a reamer for a 284 Winchester build and was wondering if anyone can tell me the freebore in their chamber that is being used with the 162 ELD-X? I’m wanting to seat the bullet so the shank is above the neck/shoulder junction. The rifle will be built with a Remington...