1. Hse0785

    Fluting a barrel after it had been threaded

    Hello, I purchased a new Bartlein 30 cal 1:10 sendero barrel based on the input from a local smith that the barrel could be fluted after the rifle was assembled & 0 degrees established. I’m sure someone has done this previously. I am more accustomed to barrels being relieved by the barrel...
  2. jmcmath

    Fluted Bartlein vs Proof Research sendero contours

    What would you do? Building a backpacking hunting rifle/general long range but ok with it not being CRAZY light since I’d rather pack a little weight than a mule that’s going to beat me up. 26 inch barrel I’m thinking a fluted bartlein sendero contour is going to run around 3.8-4 pounds since...

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