flatline ops accu/level

  1. Runnin N Gunnin

    For Sale Flatline ops tango rm accu level WTS/WTT

    I bought it and I'm not going to end up using it. In great condition. $120 shipped obo Trades plus or minus cash Spartan precision equipment javelin pro hunt bipod, FHF aspis javelin bipod holster, bino tripod adapter or arca adapter. Hawkins Precision ultralight 30mm lows with offset level...
  2. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED Flatline Ops 34mm Sniper Scope Level

    Selling a Flatline Ops 34mm Sniper Scope Level, and a 30mm level, in great condition. Asking $135 TYD each via PayPal F&F.
  3. 264MHC

    Put Together my First Custom Rifle

    Hello All, I've been a long time reader of this forum and have found it to be a great source of interesting and valuable information, so I finally joined. This will be my first post so I apologize for the length. I just finished putting together my first custom bolt rifle and enjoyed the...
  4. V

    SOLD/EXPIRED Flatline ops accu/levels

    2 Like New Flatline Ops 30mm Patriot Plus adjustable Accu/Levels. Mounted on varmint rifles but never really use them due to the range we were shooting. Selling for $65.00 each shipped or $120 shipped for the pair. Please send a PM if you are interested.