flatline ops accu/level

  1. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED Flatline Ops 34mm Sniper Scope Level

    Selling a Flatline Ops 34mm Sniper Scope Level, and a 30mm level, in great condition. Asking $135 TYD each via PayPal F&F.
  2. 264MHC

    Put Together my First Custom Rifle

    Hello All, I've been a long time reader of this forum and have found it to be a great source of interesting and valuable information, so I finally joined. This will be my first post so I apologize for the length. I just finished putting together my first custom bolt rifle and enjoyed the...
  3. V

    SOLD/EXPIRED Flatline ops accu/levels

    2 Like New Flatline Ops 30mm Patriot Plus adjustable Accu/Levels. Mounted on varmint rifles but never really use them due to the range we were shooting. Selling for $65.00 each shipped or $120 shipped for the pair. Please send a PM if you are interested.