1. ncfireman83

    Thompson Center 209x45 Super Muzzle Loader

    Thinning the herd here. I have a stainless Thompson Center Super 209x45 muzzle loader up for grabs. Has an EGW pic rail installed. Also has the swing away primer holder. I am the second owner and has sat in the safe since I purchased it from a good friend other than the occasional cleaning. I...
  2. D


    Looking to purchase a TC Encore 375 H&H barrel or / and a 25-06 barrel
  3. jkad57

    New to LRH

    Hi Folks, New to LRH and have a general question about the 7mm Mag caliber. Bought a new factory 7mm Mag barrel for my TC Encore and noticing my group size deteriorating after about 30 rounds through the barrel. The group change is so extreme, from less than one inch to over two an a half...
  4. TC338

    .338 win mag custom barrel

    I'm selling my Bullberry built encore barrel. It's 26" with brake. 1-10 twist, throated for 300g bergers, full bull. Includes the hanger forend and 0 minute Egw scope rail. I'll throw in a Egw 20 minute rail. I've only shot about 50 rounds through it to break it in and start load development...
  5. R

    338 Win Mag Barrel for TC Pro Hunter

    Looking for some help in locating a SS .338 win mag barrel for my TC Pro Hunter, model number 4847. I have talked with a few folks about getting one made but first seeing if any are available and for sale. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone and have a great...
  6. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED Encore Barrel 6.5 Norma

    Mgm 26 inch stainless steel barrel in 6.5x284 Norma for a T/C Encore. Tons of extras included and listed below. Would like to trade for an AR upper, preferably in 6.5 Grendel or a 6.8 spc, or trade for Marlins. * 40 new Nosler brass * 23 rounds of ammo * Redding 3 die set * 18 once shot brass...