1. S

    Burris XTR II Elevation Adjustment

    This Burris XTR II seems to be set up differently than any other scopes I’ve used. The elevation adjustment seems to go from zero up (only) vs other scopes that allow up and down adjustments ? I guess up is all you really need, but I’m stuck. Is this a common set-up? Any difference in the zero...
  2. DNADave

    Lack of elevation travel in Burris Veracity

    I just returned from the range after sighting in a couple of my rifles. I had issues with two and want to ask about one in particular. I was sighting in my 300 Wby Mag after mounting a new Burris Veracity 4-20x50 with 30mm tube. Windage was slightly off and easily corrected, but elevation was...
  3. H

    SFP Windage Compensation and Second Shot Correction

    I have only used and owned FFP scopes. I have noticed a trend of long range hunters using second focal plane scopes and am interested in learning how there used in practical application for a long range hunting shot. Through research I have not seen anyone explain how a second focal plane...