1. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED 175 gr ELDx 99 ct

    Selling a box of 175 grain eldx bullets 99 count $45 TYD
  2. ncfireman83

    SOLD/EXPIRED .243 lot for sale

    Re-chambering my daughters .243 to a 7-08 so don’t need these anymore: Hornady 90g ELDX 1 full box and a box of 5 (25 rounds total) Remington Core Lokt 100gr 14 rounds 90g Sierra TGK 9 rounds Whole lot shipped $70.00
  3. Petey308

    ELDM vs ELDX (construction-wise)

    It seems like this is always a common debate and topic. So I wanted to make my own thread on the matter, showing the comparisons between the Hornady ELDX and ELDM. They’re not the same and are actually both improvements on two other Hornady bullets. The ELDX is simply just an improved SST and...
  4. BlazerBeam

    WTT my 212 eldx for 200 accubonds

    Looking real hard for some 200 grain 30 cal accubonds. I have about 6 or 7 boxes of 212 eldx 30 cal I would trade. I would also buy anything you’re willing to sell. Would also consider the 210 Accubond LR. Thanks guys
  5. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Brand new Fierce Carbon Fury .300 Win Mag

    I am selling a basically brand new fierce Carbon fury in .300 win mag with 26” carbon barrel. Blackout color scheme. Never been anywhere but the range. Bolt has been fluted by Long Rifles Inc. Comes with pic rail and bipod rail as well as 50 pieces of Peterson brass. I have only shot the rifle...
  6. BlazerBeam

    WTT 220 or 200 gr ELDX for 212 ELDX

    Have a lot of 220 and 200 gr ELDX bullets. Looking to trade some for some 212’s. Would also buy your 212’s. Let me know. Thank you!
  7. Porcupine

    6.5 CM Load RL 17 19 22

    Hey guys, I have searched the site for 6.5 CM loads and there is a lot. But I’m specifically looking for trusted loads with Reloader 17, 19, or 22. I’m loading up 143 g ELD-X’s. Thanks for the help
  8. Porcupine

    270 WSM Load Help

    Hey guys, pretty new to reloading and having trouble coming up with a good load for my Kimber 8400 270 WSM. So far I have been using 145g ELD-X with RL-22 & 17. My gun would shoot factory AB well so I’m thinking of ordering a box of 150g LRAB. Thoughts or help is greatly appreciated
  9. P

    who builds the most accurate ultralight hunting rifle?

    Ive been shooting lightweight rifles for a while now (kimber mountain ascent in 6.5cm is one for example... 4lbs 13oz). However, I want more oomph and more accuracy. Is it possible to make a sub 5.25lb 28Nosler, with a 26 inch or longer carbon fiber barrel, kevlar or carbon thumbhole style...
  10. P

    Spreadsheet to determine best long range hunting cartridge

    In case anyone else finds this (often debated) topic interesting: Ive been planning on setting up another long range capable rifle. With SO SO SO many caliber and cartridge choices available, it is difficult to evaluate which one has the most to offer. The following link is to a Google Sheet...
  11. SofaKing

    280 Ackley Improved loads with Hornady ELD-X 150gr 7mm

    Anyone used the the 7mm 150gr ELDX bullets in there 280 AI? Just got a box from Cabelas and checked my Hornady book and I don’t see any data for these bullets. Any help or hunting experience would be great.
  12. SofaKing

    Hornady 212gr ELD-X loads for 300 win mag

    Recently ordered a box of the 30cal 212gr ELD-X hunting bullets. I’m wondering if anyone has load data for 300 win mag with H1000? I’m going to be using new Nosler brass too. If you’ve used these how’d they perform?
  13. CB11WYO

    .284 175 ELD-X on Deer at 600 Yards - PICS

    Hey all, Killed my first animal after switching to the 175 gr ELD-X, small mule deer buck at 600 yards. Impact Energy: Approx. 2300 ft/lbs Impact Velocity: Approx. 2400 fps Although this was a heart/lung shot, the deer dropped immediately after being hit, exactly like animals I have...