1. percyreynolds

    Custom .338 Edge $3800

    Time to let go of a dream. Built this rifle with my brother for a return hunt to Africa. Reynolds Rifleworks, John Day, Oregon Probably not in the cards anytime soon. Built off of Christensen Titanium LA Mag. Triggertech trigger. Opened up box. Redhawk aluminum BDL. Wyatt’s Extended, Mesa...
  2. J

    338 edge (by Shawn @ DE)

    I have a rem 700 338 barreled action 30 inch Hart barrel 1/10 twist all work done by Shawn at defensive edge , DE brake , Wyatt's extended magazine box ,DE bubble level and cosine indicator, nightforce 20 moa one piece scope mount , kick-ezz butt pad diamond triggertech trigger,sako extractor ...
  3. MrCapps22-250

    338 edge

    $2,500 rifle only! Optic sold 338 edge, built on a blueprinted and timed Remington 700 action 30” bartlein barrel, spiral fluted bolt with extended bolt knob, timed fat bastard break, timney Calvin Elite trigger, seekins bottom metal, with 3.85 coal magazine, H&S aluminum bedded stock with...
  4. MrCapps22-250

    338 Edge and NF ATACR 5-25

    Asking $6,500 for this turn key rifle. If interested in trying it out I’m always down to go stretch its legs!! I’m located in Idaho 127 rounds down the tube!! 338 edge, built on a blueprinted and timed Remington 700 action 30” bartlein barrel, spiral fluted bolt with extended bolt knob, timed...
  5. B

    Federal Edge TLR

    I saw that Midway had them in stock for 30 caliber. Wondering if anybody has got ahold of a box and tried them out? I want to try the 7mm 155 gr out of my 28 Nosler, but have not heard of anyone who has reloaded with them. I've seen loaded ammo with this bullet though. Has anyone tried them on game?
  6. live2huntmt

    Fierce Edge 28 Nosler

    New in box Fierce Edge 28 Nosler Fierce Radial Brake Shown w/ NF SHV (listed separate) not incl. Includes rings & bases Factory test target is incredible! $2325 + shipping to FFL
  7. 3warbird

    Mainly trade 338 edge custom

  8. D

    Timney Trigger #633 for Savage Axis & Edge with spring new in box

    I have a new unopened Timney Trigger #633 black with spring & instructions for a Savage Axis or edge. Shipping to lower 48 only, Free shipping. $95 firm non negotiable.
  9. 3

    .338 EDGE 300 SMK Multiple BC for ExBal

    I just picked up a Dell X5 and installed ExBal on it and started to get it set up. I see several guys use .800 for the BC instead of the published .768. My question: Does anyone use the multiple BC setup or is it best to just try .8? I only have a 26" tube, so the 300SMKs are only doing...
  10. 3

    .338 Edge Brass Prep Trouble--Poor Runout....

    I am new to the Edge caliber and am having some difficulties getting the virgin brass prepped well. I am using the .300 UM brass and Redding .338 UM dies to neck up. I frequently get very poor runout on the necks (sometimes up to 8 thousanths) when I check after using the FL die, so I have been...