detachable mag

  1. Recoil Junkie

    Accuracy International Pattern 300 WM Mags 3.715 Length

    The 2 mags are both 300WM 3.715 length. The MDT is brand new and the AI mag is slightly used, the AI mag has been shortened in the front to help it feed 375 Ruger ammo, the follower will not slip out of the mag it and feeds perfectly for 300WM and the like. MDT 5 round mag - $60 shipped AI 5...
  2. Recoil Junkie

    Bergara Premier Rifle

    Bergara Premier Approach with AICS style detachable mag, fluted bolt chambered in 7mm-08. 22" threaded barrel 5/8 x 24 with knurled thread protector. FDE Cerakote from the factory and Grayboe fiberglass stock with Bergara camo. 8.7 lbs as it sits, round count, less that 50. Add-ons: 20 MOA...