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    Bighorn Origin, 6 Dasher

    For Sale: Action with barrel installed and an accompanying new match barrel (i.e., two barrels), $1250 (I will ship for free in CONUS to your FFL). Used for Precision Rifle matches for one season. Package includes: Bighorn Origin Action Std Bolt Face 20 MOA Rail Currently installed 6...
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    Lee Loadmaster 5-station Reloading Press

    For Sale: Lee Loadmaster 5-station Reloading Press $200, free shipping CONUS Includes: Press Two 5-station turrets Shell-feeder tubes Auto Priming tool (station 2) Shell plate (#2L shell plate for 45 ACP, 22/250, 30/06, 308 Win and similar cases) For use with rifle or pistol (I had it set up...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 6mm Dasher

    6mm Dasher built on trued Remington 700. Has oversized pinned recoil lug, Krieger 1:7.5 twist heavy varmint barrel. Sits in XLR Element Chassis. Comes with 10 round magpul mag, Timney Calvin Elite 2 Stage trigger, and SAP 2 round holder. $1600 includes 175 Lapua brass 4x fired. $1500 rifle...