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    350 Legend

    Anybody have any shooting experience to share on the.350 Legend
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    Best Bang for your Buck ....

    Which Rifle for Accurate out of the box Benchrest Shooting would you recommend ...
  3. Eagle eyes 17

    Eagle Eye Long Range Ammo. ?

    Does anyone know anything about ' Eagle Eye ' Long Range Ammunition ?
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    The Best Bullets and the Best Powders

    Who makes the best bullets and who makes the best powders.
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    Move over 6.5 Creedmoor something New is Coming Thru ...

    The 6mm Creed. is making a serious move on the popular 6.5 Creedmoor. Got any good Creed. Info. to share ?
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    Superformance Powder

    Is anyone having any issues with Hodgdons Superformance Powder ?
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    Best Varminter Rifles / Calibers

    Everyone that has been thinking about or has already purchased a great Varmint Rifle has a specific reason for which one they will choose or have chosen, what is yours and why ....