custom rifle build

  1. MtnMann

    My Western Rifle Build

    Well after many years of drooling over custom rifles, this year (with the wife's blessing of course) I'm putting together my first custom rifle. Forewarning this is going to be a long post as I go into some detail regarding the "why" behind a lot of my choices. My overall goal for this project...
  2. J

    Custom 300 RUM

    I’m looking to build a custom 300 RUM based off a Remington 700 action, I kinda have an idea of what I want to do but I wanna hear other people’s ideas, what stock, barrel, trigger etc would you use. Also I wanna keep this gun fairly light, I just wanna hear some different ideas!
  3. S

    Straight Jacket Armory Custom Rifles - SALE ENDS SOON!

    If you have been waiting for the chance to order your custom hunting rifles built the way you want it, well the time is now! Our 10% OFF CUSTOM RIFLES spring sale is expiring this weekend!! If you are in the market for a tack driving...