1. W

    For Sale Crispi Colorado II - Size 10

    Purchased new from BlackOvis in January. Size 10D. Only tried on inside house never worn. Will include original box. $230 shipped via PP
  2. Y

    Crispi Briksdal Uninsulated

    Crispi Briksdal Uninsulated Size: 11 Price: 200.00$ + transport Paypal friend and family or +7% for fees I used the boost for 1 hunt in the Rockies. Treated the boots with the Crispi waterproof cream before the hunt. Cleaned and re-treaded for storage. They are great boots, incredibly stable...
  3. fnlights

    Which Crispi boot model?

    Hi All, My dad and I have an elk hunt planned for the first rifle season in Northern Colorado - we are looking at some higher quality boots and it seems everyone that has Crispi's loves them. The issue being, I am from PA so there are no Crispi, Kenetrek, etc dealers near us to try the boots...
  4. Doodle

    Crispi Colorado GTX 10.5 - unused

    Hi Guys, I’m selling a pair of Crispi Colorado GTX boots. I bought them for an elk hunt but they don’t quite fit my feet. I would have returned them but I got distracted with life for a while and since I bought them from a local mom n pop place, I didn’t want to abuse their return policy by...