coyote hunting

  1. kmarsh1966

    Coyote Hunting Bullet question

    I purchased some 6mm 88 MTH Cutting Edge bullets. Pretty sure I can get them to 3350+ out of my 6 creedmoor. I know I can get 3400 out of 87 VMax. I would like to not have 2 different bullets for Yotes & Pigs. Curious if anyone has shot the MTH at coyotes and has performance thoughts...
  2. jordanrw23

    Head shot on a yote

    Well I haven’t done much for predator calling or coyote hunting in the past. Today I had the day off work and ventured out to try out some handloads I brewed up with a 120gr Barnes TTSX out of my 6.5 Grendel frankenbuild I built. Haven’t shot it since October and checked the zero at 200 then...
  3. specter29

    Ar15 6.5 Grendel scope advice

    I picked up a 6.5 Grendel from a friend and need recommendations on a scope for for it looking at something less than 10 power. It will be used to complement my 26" 22-250 Ackley rifle for coyote hunting this will be more of a dedicated woods/truck rifle.
  4. Lowedown

    511 Yard Coyote

    We had trouble getting educated dogs to come all the way to our calls in wide open country. It was fun to watch so many different coyotes from a long ways away though. Anyway, this dog was one of 3 on our final stand that wouldn't come any closer. Having just switched scopes on my 22-250 and...
  5. T

    Some Shotgun Love...

    My weekend is going to be tied up so I snuck out this morning for a few stands. I felt somewhat naked and afraid as I packed only my shotgun. There's a certain amount of security having the rifle close. But, I resisted the urge to do my normal pack mule routine and pared it down to...