copper bullets

  1. Petey308

    My son’s 500 yard shot on a whitetail

    Just wanted to brag a bit… Another succes in the books, for our whitetail season, for my oldest son, and for the 135gr .308" Apex Outdoors Afterburner. This morning my 13yo boy made a great shot with my coaching and help. A group of does popped out of the woods about 120 yards from us, with a...
  2. J

    McGuire Ballistics 168 Copper Rose

    I want to start by saying that I have never been a copper bullet guy, I have always shot cup and core lead bullets and never really had any intentions of going away from that. Recently I came across these McGuire Ballistics Copper Rose bullets and I saw the great BC and they caught my attention...
  3. Petey308

    Copper shortages and price increases

    I’ll be watching this closely to see how it affects the bullet market, as well as hunting/shooting in general:
  4. Petey308

    Testing the 135gr Apex-Outdoors Afterburners

    Got my 135gr .308" Afterburners in today. So here starts the testing on them. Follow along. I'll be starting the testing in a 24" 1:10 twist 308win and the intent is to test them close range first on whitetail this November. First thing was first, I wanted to see how consistent these bullets...
  5. W

    Copper bullet for 7mm Sherman Short

    I ordered a new custom rifle with a 26” 8 twist barrel in a 7mm Sherman Short. I would like to use the rifle for mountain goat hunting and possibly a backup rifle for Roosevelt elk. The rifle will be hunted with a brake and surpression, not that this probably matters to my question. My...