1. JustAnOldCooter

    Q: Heavier Profile & Flute, or go Lighter profile for same weight...???

    Hi Folks, I appreciate your time and expertise here. I am building a 7-08 for my son on a Rem 700 SA. We hunt in Western US in mostly mountainous terrain so weight is a factor (he's 14 and 140 lbs...not super athletic). I'll be going with McGowen barrels (had great success with them) and my...
  2. D

    Steel barrel contour to match proof sendero inlet

    Hi all, Anyone know/ have pictures of the closest contour to match a proof sendero inlet, or have an exact diagram for the proof sendero barrel? How does a Rem Varmint look in that barrel channel? My stock is set up for a carbon sendero and i'm looking to get a steel barrel but would like it...