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    T/C Contender -or- G2 44 Mag Super 14 barrel.

    I have an older T/C Contender Super 14 stainless barrel chambered in .44 Remington Mag for sale. This barrel is already to drop into your Contender or G2 frame and head to the range to be sighted in. The following is what this listing will come with; T/C Super 14 barrel – barrel was cut to...
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    30-30 contender and Hammers?

    Greetings from Az, friends! I have a Contender Super 14 30-30, looking for any advice from anybody that’s loaded for it, particularly with Hammer Bullets. I was so impressed with them in my 358 Norma that I can’t hardly steer away from them. Ive got Varget, H4350, H4831, cfr223, and probably...