1. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sinclair Concentricity Gauge With Dial Indicator

    Selling a Sinclair Concentricity gauge with dial indicator. $75 tyd you cover paypal fees. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. B

    Concentricity Adjustment and Neck Tension

    This is more of a theoretical question I haven’t found the answer to... After seating a round, I always will put it in a concentricity tool, and if the runout is greater than .002, I will use the adjustment tool to straighten the round until it is less that .002. In doing that, am I creating a...
  3. charliehorse27

    Bullet runout after salt bath annealing and seating

    Hey there everyone, I'm reloading for my dad's 270 using once-fired brass. Some of it was shot through his current rifle, some from his previous rifle. I recently forayed into the salt bath annealing arena. It was all annealed at 500 degrees C for 5 seconds after being once-fired. The first...
  4. Jack300WSM

    Decapping Rod Assembly question

    OK, I’ve always used a decapping rod assembly whenever I reload. Been doing so for twenty years. Is it really necessary? I read that it just introduces another variant to throw off concentricity and is not needed. I deprime with a universal depriming die before tumbling initially anyway. Getting...