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    Harris BiPod and AICS Mag for 308 type Cartridges

    Extra 5 shot "Accurate Mag" steel mag for seating bullets longer Max Length 2.875", had on my Savage 6.5CM 10BA Stealth $50.00 TYD in the USA Sold - Harris 6-9inch swivel bipod with added swivel lock handle $60.00 TYD in the USA I take Paypal or USPS Money order
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    Bushnell ET4305 4.5-30x50mm Scope

    Bushnell ET4305 4.5-30x50mm 2nd focal plane MOA Knobs and mil dot retical, 84 moa total up and down adjustment. (42 up 42 down) Have had on Rifle for one year. $500.00 TYD in the USA Also Burris Extreme Tactical 30mm Rings with inserts 2 each +- 20 moa , 1 each +-5,+-10 and 0 inserts. Have...
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    WTS Savage 6.5 CM 10BA Stealth with Scope

    I have decided to get rid of My 10BA Stealth, I am keeping My Savage build I have to do long range shooting. Reason is I Don't really need 2 - 6.5 CM rifles. Savage 10BA Stealth, 6.5CM 24 inch barrel Has about 400 rounds down the tube with HBN coated Bullets. Bushnell ET4305 4.5-30x50mm 2nd...