1. Bjt308

    Rcbs and Redding reloading supplies

    Helping my dad sell his reloading stuff. Everything is in good shape Rcbs Rock chucker press $150 shipped Hand priming tool - $40 shipped Trimmer and bullet puller hammer - $100 Charge master 1500- $250 shipped Redding Balance beam scale $80 shipped Powder measure $135 shipped Trickler...
  2. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS Chargemaster Supreme

    Very lightly used Chargemaster Supreme for sale. Mint condition. All accessories and power cord with instruction manual. $300.00 shipped.
  3. J

    Chargemaster Link, Magnetospeed, Forster Die

    Selling off a few extra items on my reloading bench. All prices include shipping. Would consider trades for: -Berger 215 hybrids and/or 230 A-Tips -Berger 153.5 6.5 hybrids -Berger 109 6mm hybrids -Hornady 6.5 147 ELDMs -First Up, RCBS Chargemaster Link powder dispenser. In great condition...
  4. R

    RCBS Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser

    Selling RCBS Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser. In full functional condition. No issues and works perfectly with TAC, H335, PP2000MR and even with Varget and IMR4064. Good 0.1 grs accuracy! Selling as switched to RCBS MatchMaster. There is a small dent on the display but only visible if...
  5. P

    Lyman Gen 6 Powder Dispenser $175

    I bought this unit new but didn't use it much as I upgraded to a FX-120i. $175
  6. Briant_az

    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS Chargemaster Scale

    I bought this scale when they sold the scales and dispensers separately. I had intentions of buying the dispenser at a later date and never did. I used this scale to weigh all my charges for the last couple of years. I finally upgraded to the charge master lite. Scale works as it should and has...
  7. 3

    SOLD/EXPIRED Chargemaster Lite RCBS

    Like néw chargemaster lite with box, power cable, tray, check weights. $200 including shipping. PayPal/Venmo
  8. 2Rsquared

    Reloading Equipment Lot - Higher end, new or like new

    I have the following items for sale.... Giraud Power Case Trimmer, 2 case holders (.223 & .308), 2 cutting heads, 2 locking rings......$575 SOLD Forster Co-Ax Press.....$528 SOLD Forster Original Case Trimmer, power adapter, 4 pilots....$170 RCBS Chargemaster Combo.....$405 RCBS Rotary...
  9. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS Chargemaster 1500

    Used but in great condition. Also comes with reducing insert. $220 shipped CONUS.
  10. S

    RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo

    SOLD- Thank you for looking I have two of these and have cut way back on loading. A recent clean out of reloading gear has this on the list of things I can get rid of. Used but in Very good shape, it works perfectly and comes with everything except the original box and manual. Asking $250...
  11. CB11WYO

    RCBS Chargemaster vs Chargemaster Lite... Which?

    Never had either of them... only $50 difference on Amazon. Any first hand experience? Possibly interested in other brands... TIA.