1. S


    Do you have barrel blanks sitting around that you bought with the intention of putting them to good use?? If that is you...SEND US YOUR BARREL BLANKS! Let Nick Arnold, Tristen Arnold and the guys over at Straight Jacket Armory in Evanston Wyoming cut your chamber for you and get it done right...
  2. Hawkeye Pierce

    HELP Finding XM length box magazines

    Im going to be ordering a Defiance Machine Ruckus XM action hopefully relatively soon. Only problem is I can't seem to find box magazines for them. American precision arms has new bottom metal for the action as well as Hawkins Precision, just no mags. What I'm building is a. 260 terminator from...
  3. J

    Extraction problems. Gunsmiths?

    I put together a Remington 700 in 222 remington with spare parts i had around the shop. Factory takeoff barrel, everything stock except for the recoil lug. The problem is it wont extract! I re-soldered the bolt handle to time it, headspaced properly and polished the chamber. I removed the...