1. S

    375 Cheytac PTG Chamber finish chamber reamer and gauge

    Pacific Tool & Gauge 375 Cheytac finish chamber reamer and chamber gauge. Used once, immaculate condition. No burrs or chips. $197 for reamer and $67 for gauge, new. Sell for $200 shipped. PayPal ff or split seller cost or US money order.
  2. Ckgworks

    PTG Uni Throater For Short Throat Grendel Barrel

    Has anyone used PTG's Uni Throater? I know, I know the only way to do it right is on a lathe, but sometimes little hand tools can do the job. I have two 6.5 Grendel Barrels (and 3 others on relatives rifles) that are suffering from Short throat syndrome. I'm well under mag length and jamming...
  3. G

    Is something wrong with my chamber?

    I used to be a member here years ago but forgot my login details. This isn't to do with long range either but i thought the intelligent members of could help me out (looking in your direction Kirby, Shawn, G'grouper) :D I recently bought a remington 7615P .223 and have run into...