1. L

    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex 30% Off Euro Optics Cert - $150 or possible trade

    Vortex 30% certificate for sale. Redeemable at EuroOptics. Just don't have a use for it unfortunately. Price is $120. Expires 09/20/2024. Possible Trades: -KRG accessories such as enclosed forend, internal weight, heavy arca rail -MDT GRND pod
  2. giantsfall

    TBAC Certificate, Thunderbeast “100 percent off any suppressor” certificate or cert

    Thunderbeast Certificate for 100% off purchase price directly from TBAC for any suppressor. Again, free for any suppressor direct from Thunderbeast. The best use/value for this certificate is for the TBAC 338 Ultra SR, which includes one brake, $2195 is listed cost on the TBAC website, savings...
  3. M

    Nightforce/Kahles discount certificate

    I was lucky enough at a recent match to get chosen in a random draw prize table. The certificate is good for 15% off a Nightforce or Kahles optic of your choice when purchased through Brotherhood Arms in Watertown, SD. Please note that this certificate expires on 10/31/3018. I would love to...