carbon fiber barrel

  1. redchinviking

    Christensen Arms Ridgeline 6.5prc

    Christensen Arms Ridgeline 6.5prc for sale. 24” barrel 1:8 twist Lightly used two seasons. A few scuffs on the muzzle brake but in good condition. Only about 200 rounds through it. Includes the Christensen specific 20 moa rail, oversized bolt knob (the stock ones are tiny and annoying), and 3...
  2. CanisLupus

    Bartlein cf 7mm barrel blank

    WTB Bartlein carbon fiber wrapped barrel blank ... 7mm ... 1-8 tw ... for 24" finish length ... #13 (Rem. Varmint / Sendero) contour
  3. Lee7588

    SOLD/EXPIRED Proof 308 pre-fit Zermatt / Bighorn origin carbon fiber

    I have a proof research carbon fiber 308 win with 1 in 10 twist 20" length pre-fit for a Zermatt/Bighorn origin. Has 11 rounds through it (proof break-in) then I decided to change calibers. $750 cashier's check or USPS money order
  4. JumpinLegs

    Custom Barreled 325 WSM Browning BLR

    I've been looking into Browning BLR rifles for several years now and somehow just discovered that they used to make the BLR in .325 WSM. I think that cartridge would be perfect for the BLR. Unfortunately, Browning no longer makes the BLR in that cartridge, and it seems that the ones they did...
  5. S

    Custom Pre Fit Barrel SALE extended

    Just a quick update...Straight Jacket Armory has EXTENDED the $50 discount and FREE shipping on all custom pre fit barrels and barreled actions through 4/18! Whether your action is made by Accuracy International, Curtis, Seekins, Kelby, Impact, Big Horn, Lone Peak, Terminus etc if you need to...