browning rifle

  1. 1Moose

    Browning .30-06 Semi Reloading Advice

    My parents gave my son a Browning .30-06 semi auto rifle some time ago. I think it could be a good step up for my son in the future who is nearly 11 from the 260 Remington he currently shoots when he can handle it and when we begin elk hunting. My hope is that it’ll be a bit less recoil than my...
  2. T

    Browing X-Bolt Max Long Range 6.5 PRC vs Tikka T3X CTR Adjustable

    I currently have a Tikka T3X Lite SS in 6.5 Creedmoor. I really like the action and trigger right out of the box. That said I am now shopping for something with an adjustable comb and a better chassis but don't want the skeleton or tactical look or feel. I am debating between the new X-bolt...
  3. A

    Need some opinions on a mountain rifle.

    i have my first Dall sheep hunt in 2019 August and torn between what to do when it comes to the gun I’m bringing, the ones I have are currently to heavy. But I was looking at the local gun shop and they have Sako 85 finnlights and a7’s, browning x bolts, but to me they seem still a little heavy...
  4. BigBuck74

    Browning Abolt .270 win Medallion

    Up for sale is a really nice Browning Abolt Medallion grade rifle with Leupold bases rings 30mm. Excellent condition some minor handling marks, excellent bluing. Priced to sell @ $575.00 CONUS.