brass prep

  1. Petey308

    Advanced Load Development and Reloading Practices

    So, I plan on discussing this in a video at some point, but figured if you had the time/motivation to do some reading, I'd share a topic/discussion point regarding SD/ES and my thoughts on the matter, specifically how to reduce it. This is the more advanced version of my basic load development...
  2. B

    Annealeez Aluminum Wheels

    Hi All. I'm considering manufacturing and selling machined aluminum wheels for the annealeez annealer. I'm making this post to gauge interest/demand to determine if the job will be worth running. How many of you would be interested or know someone who would be interested in purchasing a set. I'm...
  3. sheffe

    LE Wilson trimmer case holders

    I have several case holders in good condition, some new in the package, that I just don’t use. Let’s say $10 each (shipped) or make an offer on multiples. 6.5mm Creedmoor new SPF 30-30 / 25-30 /32 rem new 218 Bee / 25-20 32-20 6.5-55 sweed thanks, Sam
  4. Braunschweiger

    IOSSO Case Cleaners

    Noticed Creedmoor Sports is running a sale on IOSSO cleaning products. Anyone have experience with these cleaners? I did a search on the forum and found nothing but 10 year old posts. I pretty much only use Brass Juice now but have looked at buying a cleaner for my ultrasonic cleaner to clean...
  5. D

    Hornady Precision Reloaders Kit — unopened, brand new.

    I'm looking to buy a new CF tripod for matches so this kit has to go to fund that project. New, never used. $275