brass cases

  1. trout004

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Rem Mag ADG Brass - Trade for 300WM?

    Looking for ~ 150 new ADG 7MM Rem Mag brass. Prefer all same lot. I have equal of 300 Win Mag to trade if you are interested.
  2. R

    1700 rounds of once fired 300 win mag brass

    I have 1700 rounds of nickle plated Federal brass. It was virgin and fired once. All of it is in the original boxes, stored inside, and no more that five years old. Kind of a preper's dream. Entertain any reasonable price + shipping.
  3. A

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 PRC once fired brass

    Sold for $25. I have 20 Hornady and 9 Nosler once fired brass for 6.5 PRC. PM me for price.
  4. Boomstickin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Reduced Price - R-P 416 Remington Magnum Brass ONCE FIRED

    ONCE FIRED 416 Remington Magnum "Full Length Sized, Trimmed, Primed, Brass Cases.” 70 R-P Head Stamped, CCI 250 Magnum Primers. $199.00 OBO, Shipped to your door! Has to be shipped via UPS, as Hazardous Materials and it will only ship GROUND.
  5. L

    300 weatherby brass

    140 pcs of 300 weatherby brass the nickel fired once and the brass fired twice 140.00 shipped
  6. Boomstickin


    308 - 300 Remington Ultra Magnum Brass 252 Hornady Precision Hunter -140 Once Fired -112 Twice Fired 36 Barnes Vor-TX Brass -Once Fired Case 20 Barnes Vor-TX Nickel Plated -Once Fired (De-Primed, NOT CLEANED) Brass was fire formed in a SAAMI Spec Montana Rifle Company X2. The 2x Fired Cases...
  7. F

    204 brass cases NEW OR USED for sale?

    Looking for New or used 204 brass cases for sale. Please let me know. 🙂