1. G

    Tuner/brake/grips for sale

    All Prices Shipped One of each of these was opened looked at and never used MDT Vertical Grip Premier x2 $30/each MPA enhanced vertical grip x2 $30/each ATS tuner 5/8x24 x2 $150/each *1 Remaining* Used has nicks on the outside Hellfire self timing brake 6.5cal 5/8x24 and 1/2x28 $125 **SOLD**
  2. C

    Griffin Paladin 2-port brake 5/8x24 - $75 Shipped

    For sale is a lightly used Griffin Paladin 2-port brake with 5/8x24 threads. Had this mounted on my rifle for about 50 rounds. Little bit of residue on it from last time I cleaned my barrel. Functions flawlessly. I used this with a Griffin Plan A mount in a YHM suppressor. Only selling because I...
  3. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Area 419 Hellfire brake and PVA Jet Blast muzzle brake 6.5mm self timing

    SPF Ive got a 6.5mm self timing Jet Blast muzzle brake from Patriot Valley Arms for sale. It was only used for 2 matches before being taken off the rifle. Asking $90 shipped/insured. I've also got an Area 419 Hellfire self timing muzzle brake in 6.5mm. This one will need area 419's "Hellfire...
  4. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Muzzle Brakes. 30 cal and 6.5mm VG6 precision Lambda and Gamma

    I've got three brand new brakes from VG6 Precision. I have two 6.5mm Lambda brakes. Asking $110 $95 each/shipped and insured. I also have a VG6 Precision Gamma brake, also 6.5mm. Asking $70 $60 shipped/insured Lastly I've got a used 30 cal brake. This came with a used barrel I bought so I...
  5. S

    Savage bolt handles and muzzle brakes - bench clean off sale

    Muzzle brakes, thread 5/8” x 24 made by M W Machining & Welding, Inc. in Inola, OK. He manufactures the 50 Krater, a .50 caliber rifle on an AR 10 platform. He designed these muzzle brakes for the 50 Krater. The holes on the top can be enlarged to negate muzzle rise. One is black Cerakote and...
  6. C

    Muzzle brakes

    1) T3 terminator brake $120 shipped Sold 2) Christensen Arms titanium side baffle $120 shipped Sold 3) Christensen Arms radial brake $75 shipped All brakes were used on a 7mm. PayPal friends and family.
  7. 65WSM

    SOLD/EXPIRED Harrells Tuner Muzzle Brake

    Harrell's “Tuner” Muzzle Brake. 0.985 outside of brake body (where the vent holes are). I am unsure of the thread and pitch. The minimum inside diameter of the treads is 0.580 inch. It was installed on a “Heavy Varmint” contour barrel. It was installed on a .22 wildcat barrel. I wore out the...